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  • Ironclad July 2nd 2024 Update


    Ironclad Server Update




    Train Carts and BKCommonLib: Updated to be compatible with Minecraft version 1.21.

    TheCore: Now updated to version 1.21.

    EvenMoreFish: Officially updated to 1.21! Enjoy new fishing items, lures, bait, and more.




    Minepacks: Resolved an issue where Minepacks were not displaying correctly.

    Leveled Mobs: Fixed multiple issues, including distance-from-origin bugs and exceptions.

    Rewards: Ensured that playtime rewards are distributed correctly.

    ShopKeepers: Applied several behind-the-scenes fixes.


    New Features:


    Lands: Added a new flag for block spreading, allowing players to disable blocks like amethyst from spreading into their area.


    Enjoy the new updates and fixes on the Ironclad server, and happy gaming!

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