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  • Forgotten Rules

    Our rules for the server are simple:

    Spawn Area is guarded from PvP. This does not mean you can run in and out of the spawn area to protect yourself while engaged in PvP. Doin this will result in your death at least. Ban at worst.

    Discrimination, Harassment, etc is not tolerated on any platform with this company. Doing so is an instant removal from all products and systems.

    If someone destroys your build, then you should have used Towny to protect it. Staff will not get involved.

    Use of any hacks/exploits is strictly prohibited.

    Staff have the final say in everything. If you feel it is unfair, you can file a ticket in discord to have a senior manager review.

  • Features:


    World Guard

    World Edit


    Dynamic Map

    Biome Compass



    Only requires 20% of users to sleep to change from night to day


    Chop the bottom block of a tree (with an axe) and it all comes down!

    Geyser (play with your bedrock friends!)



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