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  • Welcome to Aethro Estates where we believe your limitations is only your imagination! 


  • Thank you for visiting our area of the web! Aethro believes in one thing with all it's parcels - As long as you're not harassing people? You can do pretty much what you want! We are not very strict when it comes down to rules and regulations (you can visit our covenant to see that) and tend to be a fun group of people!


    You can visit our parcels for rent for some ideas on where we have land available or, even better, stop on by and see what we got in person! If you have questions please feel free to contact a staff member of the Aethro group, or submit a ticket here on our website.


    We look forward to helping you!

  • What we offer:

    • CasperTech security orb - You may use ban lines on our properties or we can install a security orb for you! Just file a support ticket, or contact our support concierge Aethro.
      • Ban lines cannot be used in sky homes.
    • Reasonable prices with reasonable prim allotments.
    • Corner properties that will always stay corner properties on Dragon Vale. Guaranteed!
    • Friendly staff that will assist you!
  • Veilwood