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  • Meet the Aethro team!

    As soon as I get it done lol.

  • IMG_4917.png.616d857974a044614ff13d5d5f267387.pngAskray aka Zack Massiel aka Paul aka the guy that owns Aethro





  • jezabel.thumb.jpg.43eaa8bbe02ff11f8297574d75c9e927.jpgJezabel Evergarden aka "Estates Manager"
    Helps run day to day operations for Aethro Estates in Second Life.


  • Jac Sarte aka "Silent Investor"

    I am required to put him as the silent investor due to the fact he's my husband and he's allowing me to pay for all the systems that Aethro uses.

  • bri2_001_copy.thumb.png.c0ab301a8e4c95af55aa3eea70f1a4f7.pngBrianna Mendes aka Estates Event Coordinator

    She helps coordinate and run all of Aethro Estates events in second life.

  • AethroPhoto_001.thumb.png.1c954f0a7061fae967413c378331fa8d.pngGeo Summers aka Estate Manager

    Helps run the day to day operations of Aethro Estates in Second Life

  • YOU

    Shortly we will be hiring for multiple positions inside Second Life and in our other games!

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