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  • New updates to The Forgotten! April 4th, 2023


    Howdy! It's been a minute, but we have updated and changed a few things on the server to make it more accessible to all! Please note: If you played on here before with java versions, there will be some changes that you will need to get with an admin about. 


    Craftable saddles are now a thing!


    Just f ollow the above and enjoy getting your horse riding on!


    Server now operates in offline mode!

    You may now join the server, with a cracked version or not. We require ALL users to register however when you join. Type /register <somepass> when you connect to get started on your adventure!


    Anti-cheat system updated

    Nothing super spectacular here, just updated the anti-cheat system.


    Skin server is now available! And it helps java players!

    With the server running in offline mode, we had to put in a new skin server to be able to handle java players skin requests! After you register, you can visit https://aethro.net/skin to log in and upload your skin!


    We are also still hiring admins and moderators. Visit Open Positions - Aethro for details.

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