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    Hello everyone! We have updated Towny on The Forgotten!
    You can now claim multiple towny blocks with the /t claim command! /res toggle townborder is a new command to where it will show you the town border, instead of plot borders. Nations that are created will now be able to have a Capital title for the subtitle. Added quite a few bug fixes (as I haven't updated it in a bit lol) We will be updating the rest of our mods in the next few weeks along with updating the server to the latest edition once available. Cheers all ūüôā¬†

    Howdy! It's been a minute, but we have updated and changed a few things on the server to make it more accessible to all! Please note: If you played on here before with java versions, there will be some changes that you will need to get with an admin about. 
    Craftable saddles are now a thing!

    Just f ollow the above and enjoy getting your horse riding on!
    Server now operates in offline mode!
    You may now join the server, with a cracked version or not. We require ALL users to register however when you join. Type /register <somepass> when you connect to get started on your adventure!
    Anti-cheat system updated
    Nothing super spectacular here, just updated the anti-cheat system.
    Skin server is now available! And it helps java players!
    With the server running in offline mode, we had to put in a new skin server to be able to handle java players skin requests! After you register, you can visit https://aethro.net/skin to log in and upload your skin!
    We are also still hiring admins and moderators. Visit Open Positions - Aethro for details.

    Today, we added Villager Market to the server, giving your Towns a great way to provide income to your citizens, or yourself I don't judge. Along with this, @Jac Sarte also built a nice little marketplace at the spawn point which has a few villagers for players to rent out and sell to people!
    Pictures of what it looked like as he built it is included in this post, along with the final look ūüôā Each store front is 500 per 7 days, or you can purchase a village shop for yourself for 200 and put it in your own town!

    The following addons have been added to The Forgotten!
    Player Auctions are now a thing in the world! You can access the menu by typing /pa help to get a list of commands!
    Trading has been readded to the world after a fun little glitch made it impossible to split stacks! You can trade with people by typing /trade <player> and them either clicking accept or doing /trade accept!

    Lately in our path to adding more fun and quality of life additions to The Forgotten, we have added in two new systems! One is honey pistons, and the other is honeyXP bottles. 
    Honey Pistons allows you to create sticky pistons but with just honey. Allowing for players to create new machines without having to go hunt down slimes. It just requires one bottle of honey and a piston to create.
    Honey XP bottles lets you save up XP, just in case you decide to drop dead somewhere out there in the wilds! To create honeyXP bottles, you will need to have a lightning rod attached to a block of lapis. Just take out your honey bottle, use it on the lightning rod and bam! Saved up XP.
    We continue to look for new addons that will expand on our adventures, and create more of a fun atmosphere for our players. If you have suggestions, please feel free to drop them off in https://www.aethro.net/forums/forum/11-suggestions-ideas/ or visit us in discord to discuss it.
    Save travels out there!

    After a bit of searching, we are pleased and tickled pink to be welcoming Zuri Morningstar to the Estate team! Zuri comes with energy and ideas to get our resort ready for your visits, and making sure you have a good time. She is skilled in the principles of administration and management in the service industry, including strategic planning, production methods, human resources, and the coordination of people and resources. If you see Zuri roaming around please make sure to say hi!

    Happy Friday all!
    I have updated the rules channel to actually be a bit more expanded besides just saying "Don't do this" and included rules for each property we have at this time. I also edited a few things with the backend code for the announcements to the website, twitter, facebook and discord...so that's why there is this news article lol.
    So um...cheers and what not! And see you on the flip side.

    The following was changed in The Forgotten:
    You can now chop down entire trees by destroying the base block! (Must use an axe) Leaves will now quickly despawn when the tree they're attached to is broken. Turrets are being added to the world! They are being tested, but it will be added to the spawn area for purchase. Multiverse has been added!  We are still working on the creation of portals and what worlds to be connected. There is a portal in Kalismor that leads to a test world that is so far just ice. Pronouns can now be set! They will soon be shown in chat as well. You can type /pronouns to set yours. New food types have been added! Enjoy your hamburger. When you leave your town, there will be 20 seconds of protection to make sure you are not ganked. Geyser has been updated to the latest version for bedrock players. The world now only needs 20% of the players online to sleep. If less than that does not sleep, then night will remain. You will also fully heal when sleeping.  

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